Swaner EcoCenter

Nestled in a rapidly developing valley in Park City, Utah, the Swaner EcoCenter sits at the edge of a 1,200-acre land trust. The protected land preserves open space and provides habitat for numerous wildlife and plant species. The EcoCenter—consisting of interactive exhibits, classrooms and an observation pier and tower—educates the community about the area’s ecosystems and inspires visitors to help protect the natural world.

The EcoCenter is a LEED Platinum-certified building and a stunning example of green building design. In keeping with this commitment to environmental responsibility, West Office worked with the EcoCenter’s staff to develop engaging exhibits in a sustainable way.

I acted as the lead designer for this project, directing a team of as many as six designers and developers. During fabrication and installation I worked with all contractors to assure that the intent of the exhibits were maintained and to address issues as they arose.


A scale model of the EcoCenter building – the first LEED Platinum building in the state – shows off its environmentally sustainable features.


Exhibits in the building take advantage of the view to the adjacent 1,200 acre preserve, a rare high-desert wetlands.


Discover the treasures of the wetlands, from a giant beaver lodge to a hunting coyote.


Relax and learn in the Naturalists’ Room. This space serves as a small library as well as a meeting place for local environmentally minded organizations.


Find medicine in the wetlands, a natural pharmacy. The plants on display were collected by staff on the adjacent preserve.


Client:              Swaner EcoCenter

Location:         Park City, UT

Floor Area:      2,000 sq. ft.

Budget:            $950,000

Opening:          2008

URL:                 www.swanerecocenter.org