The North Museum

The North Museum shares the natural history southeastern Pennsylvania through interactive exhibits, live animal displays and a collection of natural history artifacts collected over the last century.

Our job was to transform an exhibition, which had become worn and outdated, into a new, inviting space for young visitors and families.

Find the North Museum on a large-scale floor map of Lancaster County.


Get to know a tree inside and out. The tree was fabricated by Naturemaker in Carlsbad, CA.


Can you find the queen in the museum’s new interior beehive? We worked with the resident beekeeper to develop the exhibit. We worked with the resident bee keeper to  coordinate the exhibit elements with the functional aspects of the bee enclosure.


The live animal room is a place for visitors to become personally acquainted with a variety of species. The room consists of a combination of off-the-shelf and custom enclosures.


A Birdseye view of the “Explore Nature” gallery. Modeling and rendering was completed in Vectroworks and Cinema 4d.


Client:              The North Museum

Location:         Lancaster, PA

Floor Area:      4,000 sq. ft.

Budget:            $400,000

Opening:          2015