Uniquely You

Everyone values their own unique identities, but how do we each become an individual, different from all the other humans on the planet? The answer lies in the interplay between our genes, our environment and the life choices we make. Visitors explore the biology of identity through interactive exhibit experiences that provide visitors with answers to such questions as “How did my body become what it is today?” “How do I remain in balance when the world around me changes?” or, “How can advances in biology and medicine let me live a better life?”

I acted as the lead designer for this project, directing a team of exhibit designers and developers. I also assisted the science center in the selection of contractors in Singapore.


The Uniquely You gallery is organized into three areas, Beautiful You, Balanced You, and New You.


An early concept rendering of the exhibition.


The entrance to the exhibition.


At the “Making You You” exhibit, visitors follow how a single gene gives them the ability to taste sweetness.


Visitors perform a digital autopsy to explore the structure of the human body.


Client:              Science Center Singapore

Location:         Singapore

Floor Area:      5,000 sq. ft.

Budget:            $1,100,000

Opening:          2011

Contact:           Eugene Wambeck



URL:                 www.science.edu.sg